2022-2023 Stewardship and Sustainability Fund Campaign: Engage. Love. Transform.

We are resilient and Engaged.

Through an interim ministry, a building transition, and a global pandemic, our congregation stayed engaged and grew– in mission, ministry, size, justice building, collaboration, and space. 

  • We revitalized our mission, values, and goals – claiming an identity rooted in love. 
  • Through 2019-2022, our membership grew by 20-25% and Religious Exploration quadrupled. 
  • Lay-led Caring Hearts Circles connected us, engaging 80 of us in mutual support.
  • Contigo made MVUU one of the only congregations accompanying and hosting asylum seekers in the United States, and School Partners began grassroots partnerships with two local Title 1 schools.
  • The Baja 4 became an acclaimed collaborative model, receiving grant funding and national recognition from the UUA President, launching us into a vibrant multi-platform ministry. 
  • We completed a Capital Campaign and transformed a furniture store into an oasis with more than double the usable size of our previous property and worth over $2.2 million.

We practice courageous Love for one another.  

At a time when we could have been disconnected, scared, and shut down, we stayed courageous and loving. Our Community Connections program reaches out to anyone who reaches out to us on our website or over email. Our Pastoral Care Team has made hundreds of calls, cards, meals, and connections. Our Board committed to being a member of the Baja 4 collective, setting shared priorities and sharing resources so that Unitarian Universalism is a vibrant and powerful movement in Southern Arizona. Our small groups flourished, welcoming new people into our community through anti-racism, poetry, literature, meditation, shared life experience, and identity. 

We are not done with our Transformations

This year, we are poised for deeper and wider growth. With our transformation over these last two years, we enter a changed world as an innovative, nimble, and embracing community. We begin anew with new skills, new commitments, a new minister, and a brand new home. Now is not the time to stop in fear or apprehension: now is the time to move forward and be fully who we are. This year’s Stewardship Campaign and Sustainability Fund Campaign is about investing in that future.

We believe no one is done growing… 

… and neither is Mountain Vista.

Learn About This Year’s Campaign

Please return your completed financial commitment form prior to April 1, 2022.

Forms can be mailed to MVUU, PO BOX 91080, Tucson, AZ 85752 or brought to the building during Sunday services to be given to the Administrator.

Electronic Forms

You can access the complete Stewardship Packet for viewing and printing by clicking here.

Or, you can download each form separately, below:

Stewardship and Financial Plan Overview

Sustainability Fund Overview

How to Transfer Stocks to MVUU Overview

MVUU Fair-Share Giving Guide

Financial Commitment/Pledge Form