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    We are on the move and currently settling into our temporary Sunday space.

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Tina ZayhowskiTina Zayhowski

I was born in Queens, New York around the beginning of World War 2. My Dad, who had migrated to Brooklyn with his parents during Germany’s severe depression in the 20’s, had been raised Catholic. He and my grandparents were very angry with the Catholic Church demanding money while they were struggling to put food on the table. Needless to say, My Dad never saw religion as something one needed in life. The only time I saw my Dad grace the inside of a church was when I was married in a Lutheran Church in 1963.

My Mom, born in the Bronx, lost her father in an auto accident when she was 10. She had to quit school when she was 16 to support my grandmother. There seemed to have been some sporadic connection with the Episcopal Church on my Mom’s side of the family.

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