September 10, Rev. Ron Phares

Begin Again Again

We have moved… again. The “church year” is about to begin… again. Life is a cycle. Though it is more a roller coaster than a Ferris wheel. Whatever its shape, life offers us chances to re-apply ourselves to the next cycle with the gift of experience. What is it that can sustain us through the ups and downs and how do we cultivate it? We welcome the new church season and the spirit we conjure together.

September 17, Rev. Ron Phares


A service celebrating our community.

We gather as bodies of water. We gather, as precious as water in the desert. We bring our water from our experiences and mingle them in the container of our holy community. We celebrate the inherent worth each of us individually and in community.

In order to create a ceremony that truly honors each of us, you are invited to name the character of the experience involved around getting that water. You are asked to respectfully hold off on sharing the physical origin of the water until after the service. Creative challenge engages the soul.

For instance, when you add water to water, rather than saying, “This water comes from Maui where I surfed,” you can say, “This water is from patience, exhilaration and beauty.” Or instead of saying, “I got this water from my tap,” you might say, “This water is about family.” Or rather than reporting that you went to Southside Presbyterian, you might say, “Compassion.”

In this way, we engage a greater appreciation of the experience of retrieving the water, deepen the sharing, and create a more welcoming ceremony.

Plus a new member ceremony!!

September 24, Rev. Ron Phares

Welcoming the Adversary, Welcoming the Other

These are contentious times. Our country is divided. How might we heal the rift? How might we engage our adversary without erupting in anger? How might we learn from the “other?” How might a spiritual practice and sensibility help us?