Welcome to Mountain Vista

Hi There,

If you’re reading this, you are either feeling the need for a spiritually and ethically grounded community (without the constraints of dogma and creed) or you are already a UU and are looking for a congregation in Tucson.

Either way, you are a seeker. So are we. We are always seeking new, old, and more exquisite ways to connect with all the beauty, grace and poetry around us. We seek more meaningful approaches of living our values. And we seek more effective modes of working for justice in the world and in ourselves.

What that means is that when you arrive on Sundays you will find that we do some things differently. For instance, what most congregations call worship, we call Practice. You can read more on that here. That said, there’s a lot that will also feel familiar, most importantly us… and you.

MVUU is a warm and welcoming congregation, but we are curious and open hearted. You know… seekers. Just one more note: rest assured, we do not seek in vain. There’s plenty to find along the way. We look forward to meeting you.

Mountain Vista UU

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Practice start? 

1 P.M. every Sunday

Do you offer child care? 


Is there help for the hearing impaired?

Yes, just ask about our system when you arrive.

Why are your Practices at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church? 

MVUU has sold our former church home and has purchased land, on which we will be building a new sanctuary and religious exploration space.

I have more questions. How can I contact you? 

You may call our office at 520-579-7094 or email us at office@mvuu.org