We gather together in spiritual community because we need constant reminders of what matters most in life. In a world of heartbreak and dehumanization, our congregations and communities call us to our better selves. We learn to live with more wisdom, more connection, and more compassion.

Here’s more on how we follow our Spiritual Path.

Traditional Practice

In Traditional Practice we employ the methods of practice we have inherited from our tradition and sources (http://mvuu.org/about-us/our-beliefs/uu-principles-and-sources/). This service is built around congregational and choral singing, a reflection (which others might refer to as a sermon), and other elements that will feel familiar to those who have

attended any Protestant church in the last 200 years. That said, we are always evaluating the effectiveness of our practices. We aim to enable connection with the spirit, be it in our service or during your week. While our hope is that our liturgical rhythm becomes second nature, we do mix it up sometimes and explore wholesale changes every year or two.

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The music program at MVUU offers an eclectic mix of music to supplement and inspire the MVUU Congregation. With selections from sacred and secular as well as classical and contemporary works, the music of each Practice seeks to manifest the principles of the MVUU Covenant, actualize the three aspects of each sermon: to welcome, care for and inspire, as well as embody our vision of transforming ourselves through love, justice, and peace through meaningful music. 

Children & Youth Religious Exploration

Our Youth Religious Exploration program is intentionally welcoming and inclusive of all children and youth. Our liberal religious theology teaches us to boldly live into our values by creating a welcoming community where every person is valued. We come from different backgrounds and may hold different beliefs, but this theology of relationship and connection unites us.

Our program teaches Unitarian Universalist values, theology, and history. We create learning environments to help newcomers and experienced participants establish connection and a sense of belonging in the congregation, while building Unitarian Universalist faith identity. We offer weekly Sunday programming for all children and youth. We connect with other UU congregations and programs to offer ongoing opportunities for our middle and high school youth.  Religious Exploration allows us to deepen our understanding of our common faith and our individual faith journeys.

Adult Religious Exploration

Our Adult Religious Exploration classes explore a wide variety of topics. In the past we have examined stand your ground laws in Arizona. We have learned about the history of spiritual music. We have analyzed systems of oppression and educated ourselves on Tucson’s Hispanic culture and heritage. We have also engaged in spiritual exploration and the mind-altering reflection on sacred poetry. For upcoming offerings, please keep your eyes on the newsletter.

Finding Heart

Finding Heart groups at MVUU provide a setting for members and friends to share deeply and get to know one another better.

Similar to covenant or chalice groups in other UU congregations, Finding Heart groups:

  • Foster deeper relationships with others
  • Offer a variety of topics for discussion
  • Honor members’ sharing from their heart

Sacred Poetry

The Sacred Poetry group isn’t primarily about “poetry,” as such, but about inspiration. We read such inspiring poets as Jelaluddin Rumi, Walt Whitman, and Mary Oliver, and share our responses to them. The sharing itself is often pretty inspiring. No previous background in poetry (or inspiration!) is needed.