Hymn-Based Reflection

Practicing Hope

We Got Next

We Got Next Rev. Ron Phares MVUU 8.26.18

Welcome! It is the intention of this hour of your week to be a practice. One of the consistent hopes of this practice is to reduce reactivity in your life so as to buy you a moment in which to make a reflective decision. That decision will be informed by the story of who you are and how you act that is aided and augmented by our reflections here today.

So the first step in being non-reactive, is to slow down. To take a breath. And that is what you can do right now. Just by carving out time from your week to be here, to devote to something other than your to do list, you have extricated yourself from the rhythm of reactivity. Embrace that move. Capitalize on it. As we begin our practice, our first turn is to slow down. To take a breath. To practice by preparing to practice….

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