VISIT for the latest progress on our New Church Home!


1. What are the Guiding Principles for the building of our new home?
• Aesthetic Requirements: Welcoming Arrival; Maximized Views; Southern Arizona, Site-Harmonious Atmosphere of Beauty
• Environmental Sustainability:  Green Technology; Sustainable Buildings and Practices
• Outdoor Spaces: Small Chapel Space(s); Memorial Garden; Courtyard(s); Walking Paths; Shaded Playground; Worship Space; Weather Protected Gathering Spaces For Occasional Use & Regular Coffee Hour; Youth Empowerment Space; Nearby Parking
• Finances:  Affordability; Rental Opportunities, both one-time and ongoing; Expandability, to build In stages and/or expand to meet future needs

2. Have we signed a contract for the design of our new MVUU home?
Yes, the contract was reviewed by a team assigned by the Board; the final version was presented and approved by the board; the contract was signed March 22, 2017.

3. Who are our architects?
We are pleased to have a collaboration of two award-winning architecture practices, blank studio design + architecture (BSDA) and Ibarra Rosano Design Architects (IRDA), and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin.

4. Where will our new MVUU home be located?
The new campus is located on Cortaro Farms Road, Tucson, AZ 85742, in an unincorporated part of Pima County, just 1.5 miles east of Interstate 10. MVUU purchased over 7 acres in 2016 as the site for our home.

5. What can you tell us about size and scope of this project?
There are many factors that will influence the scope of this project, including congregational needs and wishes, funding, land use capabilities, etc. However, generally speaking, we are focusing on building a sanctuary that inspires (capacity of 250, with flexibility to adjust), classrooms with room to grow, office space, a library, and kitchen – employing sustainable practices and materials that are environmentally friendly – meeting the accessibility needs of a diverse population.

6. What is the timeline for the project  according to our contract?
The timeline extends over 24 months, with some added cushion available for unexpected delays.

Apr-Aug 2017 Design Development

Sep 2017-Jan 2018 Creation of Construction documents

Feb-Mar 2018 Bidding & permitting

Apr 2018-Mar 2019 Construction

Mar-Apr 2019 Move In

7. What information regarding the congregation’s wishes has been shared with the architects?
The architects have already received and studied voluminous materials  generated from congregational input at our “Dot Party,” as well as detailed background on our congregation, our principles and values, and an extensive history of this project.

8. Have we selected our building contractor?
An MVUU team is meeting with the architects the week of June 26 to discuss contractor selection process and criteria. Members include Jayne Leet, Jim Donnelly, and Jan Mulder. Together, they will also be interviewing prospective contractors.


9. When will the architects meet with the congregation?
The next two meeting dates with the architects are July 9 and August 13, right after Sunday Practice. Watch for details in MVUU Announcements and Newsletter.

10. How do I find out about meetings?
All activities and meetings will be listed on the calendar and in weekly announcements. Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

11. How is the congregation being kept informed on the project process?
We have a special website portal — — that provides the latest information on the building of our new church home. Updates also appear in our monthly  Newsletter, weekly Announcements, “Board Minutes” during practice, and “Loop” meetings held after practice.

12. Do we plan on holding any events on the new property?
Options to bring people together at the site will be considered after safety and accessibility factors are studied. We must ensure proper insurance coverage exists before bringing people onto the property.


13. What is the budget for the new MVUU campus?
The total estimated cost for design and construction of the entire project is $1,665,000. However, as we proceed with the design and consider our options, this number could be adjusted. We may consider building in “phases,” to proceed within existing resources.

14. What is the status of available funding to date?
Capital Campaign pledges and proceeds from sale of Cromwell property total $1,221,903.


15. What are the Teams involved in the building of our new home?
The Capital Campaign Team is developing strategies for raising additional funds. Phineas Anderson, Chair.
The “Dream Team” acts as an umbrella for the building project and capital campaign. Kathy Kouzmanoff, chair.
The “A Team” (“A” is for Architecture) is in direct communication with the architects, provides design input as needed, and is responsible for keeping the congregation informed of our progress. David Greene, chair.
The “Project Management Team”  oversees the day-to-day activities of the project that require input from MVUU. They manage the budget in accordance with signed contracts. Kaaren Boothroyd, chair.

16. Who makes the final decisions regarding structure design?
During the design process the architects and MVUU teams working on the project will continue to collect and synthesize data from the congregation and make recommendations. The final decisions are the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

17. Who makes the final decisions regarding budget?
In addition to its legal responsibilities, the Board acts in a fiduciary role by maintaining oversight of MVUU’s finances. Board members must evaluate policies, approve budgets, and review financial reports to ensure we have the necessary resources to carry out our mission and remain accountable to our donors. Therefore, with input from Teams and the Finance Committee, final decisions are made by the Board of Trustees.

18. Who’s overseeing the construction project at MVUU?
The Board has named a Project Management Team to oversee the day-to-day activities of the project that require input from MVUU. They are available to respond in a timely manner to ensure that unnecessary delays and potential added costs, are avoided. This team includes Kaaren Boothroyd, President of the MVUU Board of Trustees, Jayne Leet, Chair of the Finance Committee, Jim Sauer, member of the Architect Team, and Jim Donnelly, Esq.


The following link contains information supplied by the architects following the March 2017 meeting. Please note it is a large pdf file and may take several minutes to download.