To welcome, care for, and inspire those among us and

beyond our walls, we:

  • Encourage freedom of thought and belief
  • Respect differences and celebrate diversity
  • Promote positive change in the world


Build a transformative community that:

  • Enhances the quest for personal development and values.
  • Commits strongly to serve the needs of all individuals of every age group.
  • Nurtures interpersonal and intergenerational relationships.
  • Creates, by living the UU Principles, an environment that supports our mission and programs.
  • Serves humanity and the living Earth.


With love as our guide, we covenant to:

  • Welcome the stranger.
  • Encourage and support one another.
  • Honor our diversity.
  • Ask questions with an open mind and heart.
  • Listen deeply and seek understanding.
  • Speak directly and compassionately when we have differences.
  • Trust one another and remain in community while differences are resolved.