About MVUU

MVUU’s strives to be a religious community in which we transform ourselves and our world through love, justice and peace.

Beginning in one member’s kitchen in 1988, later moving to a triple wide with a view, Mountain Vista UU is currently looking forward to our new home in northwest Tucson.Tucson March

Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation is part of the unique Unitarian Universalist Association, which has roots in the 4th century CE and origins in the 16th century European reformation. Our worship is creedless, our faith does not demand adherence to any specific belief, but we look to many sources handed down through the ages to support our search for truth and meaning, such as BuddhistChristianHindu, HumanistJewishMuslimPaganatheist and agnosticbelievers in God, and more.

Unitarian Universalist congregations and fellowships govern through democratic processes and, as such, no two organizations will be exactly alike. What you are likely to find in common with all UU congregations is Welcome! When you come through our doors, we welcome you no matter your color, no matter what belief sustains you on your journey—or no belief, no matter whom you choose to love. Our beliefs find expression in our deeds as we are active in social and humanitarian concerns.

Worship at Wall

Our hopes are many for ourselves, our community, and our world. We have exciting and challenging work to do and many ideas, plans, and people will make a difference.

Many opportunities exist at Mountain Vista UU for you to volunteer your time or talent, in other words—“care for” and be “cared for.” Whether caring for yourself or just having fun with others, supporting an MVUU activity—maybe teaching in the Religious Exploration program—or serving the greater community, you can find your niche here together with others who share it.